The Coffee Boss is ideal for...


Coffee Shops

A coffee shop can make use of our Vienna machine as it delivers consistently a great cup of coffee. It is cost efficient and very quick to make a cup. The machine takes up little space and it quiet to operate.



Offer your staff a selection of great hot drinks that can be made very quickly. No more losing time waiting for the kettle to boil! You can even add a payment system to offset costs.


Vape Shops

Vape shops would have a huge benefit to installing our CBD coffee machines. Offer your clients a CBD coffee and be talk of the town and bring in more people to your store.



As a pharmacy or health shop you can offer your customers a CBD coffee. CBD comes with a range of known health benefits that your customers would love in a hot drink at your store.



As a restaurant you want to be able to offer a consistent quality cup of coffee to you customers. With 12 drinks selections, a small foot print and a fast blend, we've the machine you need.

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Garages and other on the go locations can take advantage of our stand-alone coffee machines. Operated by card or coin we have the solution for your location.

waiting room

Waiting Rooms

Improve the experience for those customers who have to wait for appointments or their service to be completed. Whilst there you have a chance to monetise them.



As a cafe you will want to be able to serve hot drinks quickly but with The Coffee Boss your hot drinks will be better than all the other cafes with a choose of 12 hot drinks.

car showroom


Allow your customers to serve themselves a hot drink to keep them engaged in a tour of your showroom. From cars, tiles to kitchens, showrooms can feel more homely with a nice drink.

Style of Coffee Machine

CBD vienna


The Vienna will neatly sit on a counter for you or your staff to operate. 

CBD Premium Station

Premium Station

A self supporting set up for staff or paying customers to use with the essentials to hand

CBD Vienna Tower


The standalone Tower is great for making a presence and being seen by your self-service customers.


Rainforest Alliance


The Rainforest Alliance

Take the pledge to Follow the Frog: My Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance are an alliance of farmers, forest communities, companies, and consumers committed to creating a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.

From fighting deforestation and climate change to building economic opportunities and better working conditions for rural people, the Rainforest Alliance is working to solve urgent environmental and social challenges.

The Rainforest Alliance have been working for more than 30 years to bring real, measurable benefits to forests, communities, and wildlife in vulnerable landscapes around the world.

The green frog certification seal indicates that a farm, forest, or tourism enterprise has been audited to meet standards that require environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Products bearing the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal are found on shelves around the world.

To support this initiative and to help protect the environment you can #followthefrog and purchase products that carry the label.

The Coffee Boss is a Rainforest Alliance approved product, so you can purchase with pride and confidence that the coffee has been ethical sauced and managed.